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Liam's Family

I slump in my seat and sink into a stunned silence as time seems to both speed up and slow down simultaneously and the car hums down the same familiar roads. My dad’s soft, kind eyes dart sideways to look at me as we go and concern fills his face not only from the events of the day, but for me because he has just given me the news that shook our whole family. My cousin, Liam has been found, but it won’t be a happy reunion. There had been no word since we got the call last night that he was missing. The rest of the day goes by in a blur, with my brothers’ and dad’s eyes glued to the news and my mother speaking franticly with the police. “Why weren’t the boys he was with under custody?” There had to have been something they did or at least knew about to solve such a mysterious death. The police force is firm in their stance however that there was no foul play. There is nothing left to do now, but sit and wait for the chance to say our final goodbyes. The ones that will never truly seem final as this case will never be fully closed in our minds.