Group 2

Liam's Friend

As I answered the phone all I could hear was my friend breathing harder than anything I have ever imagined. He could barely say anything, and what he was saying I could not make out. Before the phone went dead I heard him say, “he is after me, he knows that I slept with her.” I knew exactly what he meant, and who was chasing him. A few months ago we were at a party, the typical college party. We were having a great time drinking beers and catching up with friends. Then she walked it, it was like he had never seen a female before. Yeah she was a pretty face, but he absolutely lost his mind over her. Throughout the party they were slowly introduced, you could tell her wanted to get to know her bad, but she lacked any interest in knowing who he was. The rumor was she was dating a football player and not just any football player our other roommate. We knew lately that he had not been around as much, but we just assumed he had a busy schedule with sports and school. We had no idea, that this life long bachelor was now all of a sudden tied down. As the night went on, his charm seemed to work and eventually I saw them start to leave together. I warned him this was not a good idea, but the night had gotten the best of him and he walked past me like I wasn’t even there. After hearing that he chased him down into the woods, I didn’t really blame him. But I never thought things would come to this.